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Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution

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Kim Seong-su | Forcibly mobilized to the Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipyard in 1943 | 2007.3.29 verbal statement

Kim Seong-su was born in 1925 in Sacheon-myeon, Sancheong-gun County, Gyeongsangnam-do Province, and graduated from the normal school in Namhae. After moving to Japan in 1938, he worked at the Sanyudo confectionary in Omuta City, and studied at night school. In August 1943 he was conscripted to the Nagasaki Shipyard, where he worked along with Japanese and some 300 Koreans who had been mobilized. After entering the Kibachi Dormitory where he received a month of mental education and military training, he worked on hot rivets that were inserted by drilling holes in the joints of steel plates. Later feeling unwell, he was transferred to work on lofted drawings. With a large number of people (about 1,500) from the Korean Peninsula mobilized to the Nagasaki Shipyard, they were moved to the Maruyama Dormitory. On the 9th of August after the atomic bomb was dropped, he heard the news that Japan was likely to surrender and returned to Korea with two other people on a ship to the city of Samcheonpo.

- An August Incised on the Body: Atomic Bomb Experiences of Victims of Forced Mobilization in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (original Korean title: 내 몸에 새겨진 8월, 히로시마,나가사키 강제동원 피해자의 원폭체험), Fact-finding Committee on Damages from Forced Mobilization under Japanese Occupation, 2008, pp. 296~317



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