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5. Details of the Northeast Project and its Research Results

⊙ The introduction for the Northeast Project on the website of the Research Center for Chinese Borderland History and Geography under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) defines the project's tasks as Research, Translations, and Official Records.
⊙ Research is subdivided into Basic and Applied Research. Basic Research refers to academic theory research, and Applied Research refers to research for a particular history, territorial disputes, diplomatic relations, and cultural tourism strategies based on the results of Basic Research.
⊙ Translations include translation and critique of North Korean, South Korean, Russian, Japanese, and Western studies, as well as summaries of geographical research of the Far East by Russian scholars and Gojoseon, Koguryo, and Balhae by North and South Korean scholars.
⊙ Official Records include collecting and organizing official documents, maps, and photos related to the Northeast Borderland as well as the international relations between China and North Korea, South Korea, Russia, and Mongolia.
⊙ The guidelines for performing each task feature an extensive list of research projects including theories about ancient Chinese territories; local history and ethnic groups in the northeastern regions; Gojoseon, Koguryo, and Balhae history; Korea-China relations; political and economical relations between the Northeast Borderlands and Far East Russia; strategies for social stability in the Northeast Borderlands; changes in the North-South relations in the Korean Peninsula and possible influence on the stability in Northeast China; and other ancient history issues and their relation to current and future situations in Korea.
⊙ According to these guidelines, Basic Research includes 27 projects in 2002, 15 projects in 2003, and six projects in 2004. Translations include 14 projects, and Official Records features four projects. Specific information is not known for Applied Research. These projects were selected via nationwide public participation. Projects that have already been publicized on the Northeast Project website include Koguryo, Gojoseon, and Balhae histories as well as issues with Jiandao, Korea-China border disputes, and various other issues related both directly or indirectly to Korea.
⊙ So far, 25 different research papers have been published from the Northeast Project. The China Social Sciences Press, a direct publishing house for the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), has published nine volumes in the Northeast Borderland Studies series that includes Conventional Views of Ancient China-Koguryo History. Jilin Publishing Group has published eight books including Condensed Koguryo History. In addition, New Asia Publishing House (Hong Kong) published Research on the Five Capitals of Balhae in the Tang Era, and Heilongjiang Publishing Group published 20th Century Chinese Northeast Borderland Culture Research. Based on these facts, research findings by individual scholars are expected to be continuously published by local publishers.

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