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1. Dokdo Chronology

YearHistorical Events
512General Kim Isabu of Silla annexed Usan in the sixth month
1246Kwon Hyeong-yun and Sa Jeong-sun appointed as Ulleungdo Provincial Placaters on the twenty-seventh day of the fifth month
1392The country of Joseon was founded
1425The Joseon government dispatched Kim In-u to Usan and Mureung to repatriate residents on the eighth day of the eighth month
1531Usando (Dokdo) and Ulleungdo depicted in “Map of the Eight Provinces” from New and Expanded Complete Conspectus of the Territory of the Eastern Country
1693March. An Yong-bok and Park Eo-dun were captured by Oya family fishermen and taken to Japan
1696The Edo shogunate issued theTakeshima (Ulleungdo) border crossing prohibition to Tsushima domain and Matsue domain on the twenty-eighth day of the first month
Fifth month, twentieth day and fifth month, twenty-second day. An Yong-bok interrogated by Matsue domain officials. An Yong-bok presented “Map of the Eight Provinces” as evidence. Advocated Takeshima and Matsushima (Dokdo) as being Ulleungdo and Jasando under Gangwon-do jurisdiction.
1779Nagakubo Sekisui’s map does not include Takeshima (Ulleungdo) and Matsushima (Dokdo) as Japanese territory. They were marked in different colors from Japan and illustrated outside the border.
1785Hayashi Shihei’s “Map of the Three Countries” shows Ulleungdo and Dokdo in the same yellow color as the Joseon mainland
1787Ulleungdo was discovered by Captain Lapérouse of the French Navy vessel La Boussole on the twenty-seventh day of the fifth month.
1836Imazuya Hachiemon of Hamada domain punished by the Edo shogunate for smuggling in Ulleungdo
1849The French vessel Le Liancourt discovered Dokdo, and named the island as Liancourt Rocks on the twenty-seventh day of the first month
1868Meiji Restoration
1877March 29th. The Daijo-kan Udaijin Iwakura Tomomi declared to the Ministry of Internal Affairs that “Takeshima (Ulleungdo) and Matsushima (Dokdo) had no relations with Japan.”
1897Korean Empire established
1900October 25. Imperial Ordinance No. 41 of the Korean Empire was issued, and Ulleungjeondo, Jukdo, and Seokdo were brought into the jurisdiction of Uldo County.
1905February 22. Shimane Prefecture governor Matsunaga Takeyoshi annexed Liancodo (Dokdo) via Shimane Prefecture Notice No. 40.
1906March 28. Jinzai Yoshitarō and other Japanese officials notified Uldo County Magistrate Sim Heung-taek that Japan had occupied Dokdo.
1906May 20. Deputy Prime Minister Park Je-sun issued “Order No. 3,” which stated, “There is no basis for Japan’s claim of Dokdo. Reinvestigate Dokdo’s situation and the activities of the Japanese and report back.”
September. Ulleungdo and Dokdo‘s jurisdiction was transferred from Gangwon-do to South Gyeongsang-do.
1910The annexation of Korea was completed on August 22.
1914Jurisdiction over Ulleungdo and Dokdo was transferred from South Gyeongsang-do to North Gyeongsang-do.
1946January 29. SCAPIN 677 ordered Japan to forfeit executive and political control over colonies and occupied territories and separated Dokdo from Japan’s domain.
June 22. SCAPIN 1033 established the “Area Authorized for Japanese Fishing and Whaling” and the MacArthur Line. It excluded Dokdo from Japan’s fishing territory.
1951The San Francisco Peace Treaty signed on September 8.
1952President Syngman Rhee declared “the sovereignty of the adjacent coast” and established the Peace Line on January 18.
1953The National Assembly of South Korea approved a “resolution to the Japanese government’s illegal occupation of Dokdo” on July 8.
1954Korea installed territorial markers on Dokdo on January 18.
July 29. The Ministry of the Interior announced plans to place guards on Dokdo
1965The Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea signed on June 22.
1968The Japan-Korea Fisheries Agreement adopted on December 18.
1982Dokdo designated as Natural Monument No. 336 - Dokdo Algae Breeding Grounds on November 16.
1997A dock installed on Dokdo on November 7.
The “Special Law on the Conservation of Ecosystems on Dokdo and Other Islands” enacted on December 13.
1999The New Japan-Korea Fisheries Agreement adopted on January 22.
Dokdo designated as Natural Monument No. 336 - Dokdo Natural Protected Area in December.
2000The Ministry of Environment designated Dokdo as Special Island No. 1 based on the “Special Law on the Conservation of Ecosystems on Dokdo and Other Islands” on September 5.
2005Shimane Prefecture declared February 22 as “Takeshima Day” on March 16
The “Act on the Sustainable Use of Dokdo” enacted on May 18.
2008A “reference manual for the course of study” for Japanese junior high school Social Studies stipulated the need for students to be taught that Dokdo is Japanese territory on July 14.
The “Joint Government Dokdo Territorial Management Policy” installed in accordance with the “Secretary of State Prime Directive No. 517” on August 4
2010Japan’s Ministry of Defense described Dokdo as original Japanese territory in the Defense White Paper on September 10
2011Japan’s Ministry of Education published test results for junior high Social Studies textbooks. Dokdo was described as Japanese territory in junior high geography and civics textbooks on March 30.
2012President Lee Myung-bak visited Dokdo on August 10.

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