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Let’s find out more about the people in the photograph.
In the chaos and confusion of the Korean War, Japanese illegally trespassed on to Dokdo. They installed a signpost on the island that read “Takeshima, Oki County, Shimane Prefecture.”
The Dokdo Volunteer Guard inscribed the words “Korean Command” on the side of an island wall visible from long distances.
The Dokdo Volunteer Guard perform a crucial role in assisting the police in defending Dokdo from outside forces.
Volunteer crew monitoring the East Sea
1. Is “Korean Command” inscribed on Seodo or Dongdo?[Answer]

Page 40 has a photograph of the Dokdo Volunteer Guard, which was comprised of Ulleungdo residents and police officers, and explanations about their duties during the Korean War. The words “Korean Command” were inscribed on Dongdo’s rocky surface to deter Japanese from attempting to place signposts on the island.
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