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Discovery Learning 1[Teacher Notes]

Study the material related to the protectors of Ulleungdo and Dokdo.
(A) Sugangsa
(B) Seabed topography near Ulleungdo and Dokdo
Ulleungdo, Mt. An Yong-bok, Dokdo, Mt. (A), Mt. Isabu
1. Find out where Sugangsa is located and investigate the meaning of its name.[Answer]
2. Research whose name goes in box A and explain his achievements.[Answer]

Teacher Notes
Study the Sugangsa monument through Internet research. Review the names of the underwater geographical features near Ulleungdo and Dokdo and why they were given their names.
1. The An Yong-bok monument called Sugangsa is located at the fortress site of Jwasuyeong in Busan. During the Joseon period, this place was the Navy base responsible for observing the southeastern seas in western Gyeongsang-do. Sugangsa is the focal point of the base, and its name literally means “Territory Guardian Monument.” A statue of An Yong-bok called the Loyalty Tower are found on either side of the monument. A poem about An Yong-bok by the poet Lee Eun-sang can be found behind the Loyalty Tower.
2. Sim Heung-taek: Refer to page 49
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