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Critical Thinking[Teacher Notes]
※ A country’s geographical information is recorded in maps and historical documents, and the level of detail improves over time.
“Complete Map of Joseon,” “Complete Nautical Map”
1. Between Ⓐ and Ⓑ, which map more closely resembles modern maps?[Answer]
2. Between Ⓐ and Ⓑ, which map was compiled first? [Answer]
3. Find and mark Dokdo on each map.[Answer]

Teacher Notes
Maps have gradually developed throughout history based on the needs of the time. They contain a variety of significant information about the lives and habitats of humans. As technology advances, so does the accuracy of maps. The location and shape of Dokdo were initially inaccurate. But as time passed and technology improved, the images began to resemble modern maps.
1. Ⓑ more closely resembles modern maps.
2. Since map Ⓑ closely resembles modern maps, we can deduce that map Ⓐ was compiled before map Ⓑ.
3. Dokdo is named Usando on the map.
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