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What life forms can be found on Dokdo?[Teacher Notes]

Oceanic climates are greatly influenced by the seas. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, Dokdo has steady precipitation (rain and snow) throughout the year.
Affected by the warm ocean current, Dokdo’s weather is typical of oceanic climate in the region. Its temperatures are relatively mild, and around 12 degrees Celsius on average. Fog is common around Dokdo and the island sees many cloudy days. The average annual rainfall is about 1,240 millimeters, and the island has much snow in the winter.
Dokdo is home to more than 290 different species of plant and animal life, including birds (139), plants (60), and insects (93). Over 10,000 black-tailed gulls have been spotted at one time on the island. Haeguk (Aster spathulifolius) and spindle tree (Euonymus japonicas) are the main flora of Dokdo.
Figure 1
Haeguk grows on steep rock faces or in crevices and blooms in mid-October. Found only in Korea and Japan, recent DNA analysis has shown that the flower in Japan is a direct descendant of Haeguk.
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Black tail feathers are the distinguishing feature of the black-tailed gull. Since there are no natural enemies in the area and food sources are plentiful on Dokdo, the black-tailed gull favors the island as a stopping point on its migration route.
Discovery Learning 2
1. Identify the life forms in Figure 1 and Figure 2.[Answer]

Teacher Notes
Dokdo has an ocean climate that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Dokdo’s average temperature is 5 degrees Celsius even during the coldest month of January. Precipitation is common throughout the year, and only about 60 to 90 days of the year are clear with no fog.
Dokdo is home to unique species of plant and animal life not found on the mainland. Confirmed sightings: falcon (endangered, level 1), osprey, hooded crane, kite (endangered, level 2), black-tailed gull, and over 290 different species of plant and animal life, including birds (139), plants (60), and insects (93). About 236 different species of marine life live in the nearby waters.
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|Figure 1| Haeguk
|Figure 2| Black-tailed gull
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