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Dokdo Common Sense: Problem Set

OX Quiz
※ If the sentence is correct, circle the ○; if the sentence is wrong, circle the ×.
1. Dokdo is an uninhabited island. (○, × )
2. Dokdo is composed of two islands, Dongdo (East Islet) and Seodo (West Islet). (○, × )
3. Dokdo is part of the administrative area of Gangwon-do. (○, × )
4. Dokdo has a zip code. (○, × )
5. Dokdo is a protected natural reserve. (○, × )
Internet Information Hunt Quiz
※ Let’s visit Cyber Dokdo (http://www.dokdo.go.kr) and try to solve the following problems.
1. What is the name of the first registered resident of Dokdo?
2. Write three reasons why Dokdo is valuable.

3. Write the name of the following Dokdo-related historical figure.
[1] The person who annexed Usan (now Ulleungdo and its affiliated islands) during the Silla period
[2] A person from the Joseon period: The person who received confirmation from Japan that Ulleungdo and Dokdo is Korean land

Answer Key and Explanations

p.7 Find out about Dokdo
volcano, North Gyeongsang-do, maritime, natural monument
p. 12 the Korean peninsula’s “adjacent islands”
❷Dokdo ❹Marado ❻Baekryeongdo
p. 70 Dokdo Common Sense: Problem Set
OX Quiz
1. × (There are two current first-generation civilian residents living in Dokdo -- Kim Seong-do and Kim Shin-yeol (a married couple).
2. × (Besides Dongdo and Seodo, Dokdo includes 89 additional islets.)
3. × (Dokdo is part of Gyeongsangbukdo, Ulleung-gun.)
4. ○ (799-805)
5. ○ (Dokdo is designated as a protected natural zone and fishing is prohibited.)
Internet Information Hunt Quiz
1, Chae Jong-deok (lived on Dokdo from 1965 to 1987, registering as an official resident in 1981); Kim Seong-do has been living on Dokdo since 1970 and registered as a resident in 1991. He still lives there today.
2 ① cold and warm water currents meet, resulting in rich fishing territory
② large-volume natural gas (hydrate) stores and the economic value of seabed resources
③ diplomatic and military value of being surrounded by Russia, North Korea, and Japan
3. [1] Kim Isabu (a general under Silla’s King Jijeung -- in 512)
[2] An Yong-bok

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