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2. Promoting Dokdo Worldwide

○ Let’s find what I can do to inform others about Dokdo.

Efforts to let the world know that Dokdo is Korean land are not limited to the government and private organizations, but also include local celebrities, Korean students studying abroad, and other individuals who make contributions, as well.

■ Let’s read an article written by a VANK member and sum up the core point.

I am a student and a member of Korea’s VANK.
Do you know about Dokdo?
Dokdo is made up of small islands in Korea’s East Sea. Currently, Dokdo is being maintained by the Korean government and Korean police are living there.
Recently I found out that on your website Dokdo is labeled as “Liancourt Rocks.” However, as a Korean, I think that “Liancourt Rocks” is not the correct name. “Liancourt” is the name of a French ship.
As I mentioned, Dokdo is Korean territory. There is plenty of historical evidence to prove this fact. I will send this evidence to you if you like. I would like you to change the name “Liancourt Rocks” to “Dokdo.”
Thank you very much.
We have to strive to protect Dokdo. Together, our individual efforts will become a powerful force.

○ Let’s imagine that we are a member of VANK and write an e-mail requesting the correction of incorrect information.

Dokdo on a Brazilian (‘37) Internet map . It was labeled ‘Liang Crew Rocks.’ The 37 means that it is part of Japan’s Shimane Prefecture.

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