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1. What efforts have been made so far to let people know about Dokdo?

Let’s take a look at who has gone beyond Korean borders to inform the world about Korea’s claim to Dokdo and their specific efforts.

○ Let’s take a look at the nation’s efforts to inform people about Dokdo.

■ Northeast Asian History Foundation, Dokdo Research Institute (http://dokdohistory.com)

Since 2008, the Dokdo Research Institute of the Northeast Asian History Foundation has supported Korea’s Dokdo sovereignty claim through data collection and analysis as well as long-term and comprehensive studies. The Institute develops Dokdo-related policies, provides support for the Dokdo Academy as well as domestic and overseas businesses, and produces Dokdo/East Sea promotional materials.

■ Dokdo Sea Keeper ( http://dokdo.kcg.go.kr)

The Coast Guard operates a Dokdo homepage that not only contains Dokdo pictures and videos, but also shows Dokdo-related data, including images of the Coast Guard protecting Dokdo. There also is text in both Chinese and Japanese.

○ Let’s explore the various domestic and overseas private organizations that are working to inform people about Dokdo.

■ Delegation of cyber diplomats (VANK)

VANK’s homepage (http://www.prkorea.com)
VANK for kids (http://kids.prkorea.com)
VANK (Voluntary Agency Network of Korea) is a cyber diplomatic delegation that was created to promote Korea.
The duty of this delegation is to find cases of the East Sea being mislabeled as well as any other inaccurate information about Korea and requesting through e-mail that these errors be fixed. It is through this process that they can inform the world about Korea.

■ Let’s visit the Dokdo Research Institute’s homepage and find and compare the contents and activities of Dokdo-related efforts by various private organizations.

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Dokdo Research Institute(www.dokdohistory.com)

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