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1. What is the extent of the country’s sovereignty?

The owner of private land has rights to that land. The same is true for countries.
Eun-byeol’s family moved to the rural home of her grandfather. There is a small garden in front of the house where the family grows vegetables. Eun-byeol’s grandfather said that this land has been inherited over several generations of the family and it is very precious.
However, not too long ago a neighbor began insisting that this land belonged to him.
“On what basis can he lay claim to land that has been cultivated by our ancestors for generations?”
This case is similar to our neighbor Japan protesting our president’s visit to Dokdo.
Visiting our land of Dokdo, as our president did, is a natural right of Korean citizens.

○ Let’s take a look at the scope of a nation’s sovereignty.

A country’s domain includes the land, sea, and air within its sovereignty!
All countries have sovereignty that includes land, sea, and sky. Since a country’s sovereignty is limited, the extent of the area that sovereignty covers is very important.
The range of a country’s sovereignty is called its domain. A country’s domain includes the entire extent of its land, water, and sky.
The citizens of all countries are guaranteed the right to live freely and safely within the scope of their country’s land, sea, and air domain. Therefore, when countries respect each other’s domains, the world remains peaceful.

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