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Learning about Dokdo(Reading Level Grade 3-4)

Look at the images below and think about answers to each question.

Paper cup with a picture of the Dokdo map
T-shirt with a logo "I love Dokdo"
Bag with a shape of Dokdo
Bus wrap design promoting Dokdo
Hat with a Dokdo logo
• What is the common feature of the pictures above?
• Why do you think the items above were used in promotion?
What kind of activities were undertaken to promote Dokdo?
Activities to promote Dokdo have been under way at the non-government level, as well as central and local government levels. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is actively undertaking the importance of Dokdo for Korean people while VANK has demanded to the governments of various countries to correct their errors in naming the island. The North Gyeongsang Provincial Government has also organized a variety of events such as international souvenir contests, international yacht competitions, and Dokdo-themed debating championships.
What is VANK? VANK is an abbreviation for Voluntary Agency Network of Korea established in January 1999 to promote Korea online to the world. For more information, visit http://www.prkorea.com.

What kind of activity do you find most effective in promoting Dokdo? Enter a number in the box in the order of your preference.

Promoting Dokdo by holding an international yacht competition
Asking other countries to correct any naming errors of Dokdo and the East Sea in their maps
Holding international souvenir contests for Dokdo
Running the "The Dokdo Day" promotional campaign on October 25
Opening the Dokdo Museum Seoul where visitors can experience the island

What kind of activity can I do to promote Dokdo? Pick one of the options below.


Option 1: Make a Dokdo bookmarker and give it to your friend as a gift

Create a bookmarker with one of the Dokdo treasures as the theme and give a gift.

(1) Pick three most precious treasures in Dokdo and explain why you selected them.
Treasure 1: Reason - You can find so many marine life and resources. There is also abundant seafood that can feed migratory birds.
(2) Think about who to give the bookmarks.
What kind of treasure do you want to give as a gift?
Why do you want to give it as a gift?
(3) Create your own Dokdo bookmark and give it as a gift. Use Appendix 8.
1. Draw a treasure of Dokdo of your choice within the circle.
2. Write the title and explanation of the drawing on the blank triangle.
3. Use the marker to fill in colors.
4. Turn upside down and fold in ways the triangle with your writing on it can go on top and the triangle written "glue" can go on the bottom.
5. Put glue on the side where "glue" is written and attach together.
6. Give the completed Dokdo bookmarker to your friend.

Option 2: Giving a nickname to Dokdo

Give a nickname to Dokdo using your imagination and get closer to the island.

(1) Draw an image of Dokdo that comes to your mind. Use Appendix 9.
1. Prepare the Dokdo drawing in Appendix 9, a dark-colored marker, and colored pencils.
2. Draw the outer lines of the drawing with a marker.
3. Finish your drawing by adding more lines from images that come to your mind.
(2) Look for a name that matches your drawing.
• Show the picture you have drawn to your friends and ask them what comes to their minds.
• Come up with a nickname for Dokdo based on the opinions of your friends and your own.
(3) Examine drawings and nicknames of Dokdo through exhibitions.

Look for various nicknames of Dokdo and write some of your favorites in speech balloons.


What other ways are there to promote Dokdo? Give your opinions.


Do you want to know more about Dokdo? Let's look for websites that provide a wealth of information on the island.

I want to learn more about Dokdo.
1. What are the grounds that Korea claims its territorial sovereignty on Dokdo?
2. What is the position of the Korean government regarding Dokdo?
1. How do you get to Dokdo?
2. How much information is there about Dokdo's location, geographical name, and topography?
1. What does the Dokdo Coast Guard do?
2. What should you do to leave a message of encouragement to the Coast Guards?
1. What kind of history is available in relation to Dokdo?
2. What kind of promotional materials and photos do we have about Dokdo?
1. What can we learn at the Dokdo Experience Center?
2. What can we experience at the Dokdo Experience Center?

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