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Learning about Dokdo(Reading Level Grade 3-4)

Have you enjoyed your trip to Dokdo? Remind your experience with the trip to Dokdo and write what you remember in a circle.


The following is a diary of a student who traveled to Dokdo. Recall what you studied about Dokdo and fill in the blank.

Instruction: Complete the diary by filling in the blank with a word that starts with an initial
Write a title that matches well with the diary entry.
Finally, I visited Dokdo that I had heard so much about. I thought the island was located in the far (E E) from the mainland, but it was close enough from (U ) to be visible with naked eyes. Once the boat arrived in Dokdo, the residents and Coast Guards welcomed us.
The teacher told me that Dokdo is composed of two larger islets and (Number) small islets. I thought that it would be hard to get water on the island as it is a (V I), but learned there is a spring called (M ) where you can have drinking water. As soon as we landed in Dokdo, the teacher gave us a couple of missions.
The first mission was finding the (N ) No. 336 in Dokdo. We explored the whole island and found a rock that looked like our country's map and elephant-shaped rock, but couldn't find it in the end.
That was because the whole island was the Natural Monument. The fact that the entire island is a (N M) made me feel I have to be careful in walking the land.
The second mission was finding treasures underwater. I couldn't find any of them. The treasures were (D O W), (G H), and (R F G) created when warm currents meet cold currents. Even though I was unable to solve any of the questions, I didn't mind because the island seen from the boat on our way back was so beautiful.

While playing the game of becoming a Dokdo honorary resident, let's find out how much you know about the island and make a Dokdo honorary resident card. Use Appendix 6-7.

What to prepare: Dice board, markers (one per player), dice, 8 chance cards, honorary resident cards
Type of game: Collective (4 players)

Look at the picture below while recalling what you have studied. Fill in the boxes if you know more about Dokdo.


Write diaries imagining you took a trip to Dokdo.


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