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Learning about Dokdo(Reading Level Grade 3-4)

Explore surrounding areas of Dokdo and look for rocks of all different shapes. Use Appendix 3.

Upon examining the island, you will find that there are many small rock islets around Dongdo and Seodo. Dokdo is indeed a rock island consisting of 89 rock islets including Dongdo and Seodo.
There are many unique-shaped rocks in Dokdo, most of which was named after their shapes. Let's look for small rock islets in Dokdo on the map.

Dokdo is a volcanic island. The following are processes in which Dokdo has become what it is now. Fill in the blank with an appropriate word.

A long time ago, □ flowed out of the ocean bottom and turned into rock after cooling off. It happened many times over and accumulated layers upon layers. As the volcano appeared above the water, a volcanic eruption occurred.
After the eruption, lava flowed out and clogged up the crater. The clogged-up crater went through explosions many times over, creating □ on its edges.
The formation then underwent repeated beatings by □ and winds. With the sea level rose up, the current Dokdo has come to shape.
In other words, Dokdo is a sea mountain created by □.
Example: Volcanic Activity, Lava, Wave, Volcano
Dokdo is very old even though it is small.
Of the volcanic islands we know about, including Dokdo, Uleungdo, and Jejudo, which one is the oldest island?
Uleung Island and Jeju Island were created about 2.5 million years and 1.5 million years ago, respectively. Meanwhile, Dokdo was born in about 4.6-2.5 million years ago. Therefore, Dokdo is older than Uleung and Jeju islands and has become what it is now through millions of years' erosion and weathering due to waves and winds.
Even though it looks so small, Dokdo is Korea's oldest volcanic island.

Now, let's find out how Dokdo's name came about.

How was Dokdo called in the past? Hmm... isn't that something to do with rock as the island is made up of many volcanic rocks?
Maybe it was called Rock Island because it was composed of rocks. People in Gyeongsan and Jeolla provinces used to pronounce "dol" (rock) as "dok" and tradition has it that fishermen who came to Dokdo called it "Dok-Seom."
Dok-Seom: Island made up of rocks in Gyeongsan and Jeolla dialects
The name became Dokdo as government officials changed Dok-Seom into a Chinese written form. Aha, then Dol-Seom turned into Dok-Seom and finally into Dokdo! Then Dokdo means originally an island with lots of rocks.
Dokdo = Dol-Seom (Dok-Seom)

Play with Dokdo's previous names and explain the meaning of these names to your friends. Use Appendix 5.


Solve the following quizzes:

1. Dokdo was created by ( ) activities and consists of 89 rock islets including Dongdo and Seodo.
2. The name Dokdo means an "island with lots of ( )."

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