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Eastern Wall of the Entrance Passage
TitleEastern Wall of the Entrance Passage
Eastern Wall of the Entrance Passage

This is a detailed view of the gatekeeper depicted on the eastern wall of the entrance passage in Susahn-ri Tomb. Rather than merely greeting and guiding visitors to the tomb, this gatekeeper plays an important role of protecting the noble couple from evil spirits and intruders. For this reason, the gatekeepers are typically depicted as valiant soldiers or warriors dressed in armor.
The gatekeeper on the eastern entrance wall is a warrior with big, bright eyes. The figure is facing the tomb entrance while wearing a long Durumagi (traditional Korean overcoat) with a waistband and holding a sleek Hwandudaedo (ring-pommel sword) in his right hand and a sharp spear in his left. His sword is raised high up in the air as if ready to strike down any evil spirits that may enter the tomb. The fish-shaped flag on his spear and the wide sleeves of his Durumagi are dynamically flowing in the wind.