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Ceiling Inscriptions
TitleCeiling Inscriptions
Inscriptions on the ceiling of the antechamber (northern wall)

This is a detailed view of the inscriptions on the ceiling of the antechamber (northern wall) in Tokhung-ri Tomb. The inscriptions contain detailed records of Youzhou Provincial Governor Jin. It states “[surname illegible] Jin was a disciple of Buddha from [illegible] county, Shindo district, Do borough, [illegible] village. The official government positions held by Jin were General of Geonwei (General who Establishes Might), Great Minister, General of the Left, General of Yongyang, Prefect of the Far East, Commissioner Bearing Credentials, Captain of the East Barbarians, and Youzhou Provincial Governor. Jin died at the age of 77. The tomb was completed and the remains were moved in the 18th year of King Gwanggaeto, Mushin (45th year of the sexagenary cycle), on the 25th day of the 12th month (22nd day of the sexagenary cycle). The Duke (of Zhou) chose the land, Confucius chose the date, and King Mu (of Zhou) chose the time. The selected date and time are harmonious, and may his wealth extend to his 7-year-old son so that he may thrive, rise through official ranks, and one day become king. Ten thousand men labored to complete the tomb. Cattle and sheep were slaughtered daily, and wine, meat, and grain stocks are nearly depleted. A storehouse-worth of soy sauce is left to be eaten in the mornings. It is so recorded to be passed unto future generations. May the visitors be everlasting.”
Nearly 600 Chinese characters are inscribed in Tokhung-ri Tomb and considered to be invaluable sources of information for understanding Koguryo society and culture.