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Southern Wall of the Main Chamber
TitleSouthern Wall of the Main Chamber
Southern Wall of the Main Chamber

Gatekeepers are depicted on either side of the southern wall in the main chamber which is connected to the entrance passage. The eastern section of the wall features a single gatekeeper holding a sunshade, while the western section features two gatekeepers standing side-by-side. The cloud patterns in the image indicate that this space is not of the real world but the Buddhist Land of Bliss in the afterlife.
Portions of wooden columns with carved-in lotuses and elegant braces are depicted in both corners of the wall. The braces on the columns are supporting the primary joist. A smaller column sits on top of the brace, and the same configuration is repeated for the secondary joist to create a double-ceiling structure. The lambda-shaped (Λ) truss installed between the primary and secondary joists on the other three walls is curiously missing on the southern wall. The mural still conveys the magnificence of Koguryo-era wooden architecture despite the lack of a truss. The blooming lotuses and flying auspicious birds depicted near the ceiling are regarded to be alluding to the peaceful atmosphere of the Buddhist Land of Bliss.