• Koguryo and Balhae
  • Tokhung-ri Tomb
Carriage Canopy
TitleCarriage Canopy
Carriage canopy on the western wall of the middle passage

This is a detailed view of the carriage canopy in the Depiction of the Noble Couple’s Outing on the western wall of the middle passage. Remnants of a man wearing a Chaek (Headwear worn by civil servants and military attachés. Civil servants wore Chaeks with tops that were split in the back and curving forward. Military attachés wore Chaeks with cone-shaped points.) and fabric fluttering in the wind can be seen below the canopy.
The canopy on the carriage features two levels of tassel decorations, and its appearance is particularly elegant. The dazzling tassel decorations resemble a peacock's feathers. The canopy's khaki green and pale pink tones enhance the bright appearance. This is an excellent example of the Koguryo people's fine artistry.