• Koguryo and Balhae
  • Anak Tomb No. 3
Wall of the Main Chamber
TitleWall of the Main Chamber

Four columns partition the main chamber of Anak Tomb No. 3 from the antechamber. The columns represent the southern wall of the main chamber. The eastern wall of the main chamber is completely sealed from the adjacent gallery. Although the northern wall is shared with the northern gallery, it is not a complete wall. Five columns sit on top of a waist-high wall in a unique open-wall construction. Similar to the eastern wall, the opposite western wall is completely sealed. The main chamber also features an intersecting triangular ceiling. Only the eastern wall and ceiling of the main chamber feature murals. The eastern wall features a figure from the Western Regions (Generally refers to areas to the west of China) dancing to the music of a band, and a lotus in full bloom is depicted on the ceiling. The Western Regions dancer can be considered an excellent example of the cultural exchanges that occurred in the Koguryo era.
As the main chamber was a place of rest of the noble couple, only the band and the figure dancing to the soft music are depicted within.