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Salutation of the Prefects
TitleSalutation of the Prefects
Salutation of the Prefects on the western wall of the antechamber

This is a detailed view of the Salutation of the 13-county Prefects on the western wall of the antechamber in Tokhung-ri Tomb. The two-tier mural depicts the 13-county prefects greeting Provincial Governor Jin on the northern wall. The very first figures in both frames of the mural are Jin's valet and maid, and their demeanor seems to indicate that they are informing the Provincial Governor of the prefects' intent to pay homage. The inscriptions next to the prefects contain information regarding each respective official.
All the figures are dressed in orange robes with wide sleeves. This figure is wearing an official hat that appears to be a civil servant Chaek (Headwear worn by civil servants and military attachés. Civil servants wore Chaeks with tops that were split in the back and curving forward. Military attachés wore Chaeks with cone-shaped points.). The prefects are standing in a Gongsu stance (left hand placed above the right inside of one's sleeves in a gesture of respect or submission) with a white sash hanging below their hands. Notably, the prefect at the very front of the line (top frame) is wearing a military attaché Chaek. Each prefect's face is rendered almost identically without any distinctive features, and this mural is estimated to have been completed by a single artist. Severe deterioration has made the faces difficult to discern.
This type of portrait of the deceased depicting public affairs also appears in Anak Tomb No. 3, and they all emphasize the dignity and high status of the portrait subjects in their living years. This can be interpreted as the ancient people's strong belief that the spiritual world was a continuation of the real world.