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Examining Dokdo in a Global Context

Let’s find the problem with Japan’s claim to Dokdo and critique it.
Currently, some of the world’s atlases mislabel the East Sea as the “Sea of Japan.” Japan is even trying to change the name of Korea’s Dokdo to “Takeshima”.
Let’s find examples of Dokdo and the East Sea mislabeled on other countries’ maps and take a look at material which proves that Japan’s claim is incorrect.

Seung-ju is pen pals with Diana, an American elementary school student. They exchange e-mails. Not too long ago Seung-ju’s teacher gave a homework assignment to become a Korean ambassador and tell foreigners about Korea. This is what Seung-ju introduced to Diana about Korea:

Dear Diana,
Korea is at the end of East Asia between China and Japan and is surrounded on three sides by water. The seas that surround Korea are called the East Sea, the Yellow Sea, and the South Sea. Mara is the southernmost island of Korea, and Dokdo is the easternmost island of Korea.
Dear Seung-ju,
Thank you for telling me about the Republic of Korea.
After reading your email I looked for the Republic of Korea in my textbook. I saw in my textbook that the East Sea is labeled as the Sea of Japan. Which one is right?

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