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Southern Wall of the Antechamber
TitleSouthern Wall of the Antechamber
Southern wall of the antechamber
Southern wall of the antechamber(Illustration)

This is a complete view of the mural on the eastern wall of the antechamber in Tokhung-ri Tomb. The mural is separated into heaven and earth by the decorative joist that spans the antechamber wall. Its primary motifs include the procession, tributes by the 13-county prefects, and the depiction of the government house. The heavens are represented by the Sun, Moon, and Stars & celestial objects, immortals, auspicious animals, cloud patterns and flame patterns.
Among the real-life imagery depicted on the southern wall of the antechamber, Jin's horse carriage procession is partially represented to the left of the entrance. This depiction extends from the eastern wall to the northern wall. Musicians, mounted soldiers, and flag bearers can be seen leading the procession in the image.
A typical Government House scene is illustrated to the right of the entrance.
The ceiling mural features depictions of various celestial objects including Altair, Vega, Milk Dipper, and the Milky Way as well as hunting scenes, immortals, and auspicious animals. These images are surrounded by lotus flowers or cloud patterns rendered in the five cardinal colors in a dazzling display of the heavenly world. Buddhist flame patterns can be seen above the joist (symbolizing the boundary between heaven and earth) and on the sides of parallel supporting stones at the peak of the ceiling.