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Northern Wall of the Main Chamber
TitleNorthern Wall of the Main Chamber
Northern Wall of the Main Chamber

This is the complete mural depicted on the northern wall of the main chamber in Susahn-ri Tomb. The deterioration is quite severe on the northern wall. The fact that the deteriorated sections of the northern wall were repaired with cement is quite unfortunate considering the cultural significance of the noble couple's portrait. The cement was applied in an effort to mend the damaged sections of the whitewashed wall and inhibit further deterioration.
Generally, the northern walls of the main chambers in mural tombs were the first visible walls upon entry. Thus, murals on the northern walls featured the indispensable portraits of the deceased. The center of the mural contains portions of a house and roof that the noble couple would have sat under. Pairs of valets and maids can be seen on either side of the house. Depictions of wooden columns with carved-in lotuses can be seen in each corner of the wall. These columns firmly support the joists that span the entire length of the northern wall. A simple lambda-shaped (Λ) truss between the primary and secondary joists and support braces on the columns combine to complete the magnificent Koguryo-era wooden architecture.
The blooming lotuses and flying auspicious birds depicted near the ceiling are regarded to be alluding to the peaceful atmosphere of the Buddhist Land of Bliss.