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1. Dokdo: Our Land

Let’s learn about Dokdo and the surrounding sea and territory over which Korea has sovereignty.
Every country has sovereignty over a certain extent of area. This area is called “territory.”
As citizens of the Republic of Korea, we should know the scope of our country’s sovereignty and how it is determined. If we know this, we can rightfully exercise our political sovereignty.

Seung-ju saw a news report about President Lee Myung-bak’s visit to Dokdo.

This was the first time a Korean president had visited Dokdo in our nation’s history. During his visit, the president said to Dokdo’s guards, “Dokdo is our territory and worthy of defending with our lives. Take good care of it.” This statement demonstrated the government’s commitment to defend[note 001] Dokdo. In response to this, Japan said that Dokdo is its land and denounced Lee Myung-bak’s visit to Dokdo.
- SBS News, August 10, 2012
Why is Japan upset over the president visiting our land of Dokdo?
Learn about Dokdo
· Lava that erupted from the East Sea hardens to make (  ).
· Dokdo is in 1~96, Dokdo-ri, Ulleung-eup, Ulleung-gun, (  ), Korea.
· Dokdo is located 87.4 kilometers from Ulleungdo and 216.8 kilometers east of Jukbyeon, in Uljin-gun.
· Dokdo includes an eastern islet and a western islet, plus 89 smaller islets surrounding it, and has a total area of 187,554 square meters.
· Due to the influence of the warm current, and with an annual average temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, Dokdo’s (  ) climate is relatively mild.
· Dokdo is a nesting area for rare birds including petrels, shearwaters, and black-tailed gulls. To protect these birds Dokdo has been designated as the 336th (  ).

[note 001]
Preserve and Protect
[note 001] defend
Preserve and Protect
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