• Koguryo and Balhae
  • Anak Tomb No. 3
Western Wall of the Antechamber
TitleWestern Wall of the Antechamber

Mirroring the eastern wall, a threshold in the western wall of the antechamber leads to the western auxiliary chamber. Depictions of gatekeepers flank each side of the threshold as if to protect the noble couple’s private space from disturbance. Inscriptions can be seen near both gatekeepers. A figure wearing an official hat is depicted on the northern section of the western wall, and the adjacent inscription reads "Royal Guard" in red ink. The southern section of the wall features a similar figure with the name "Dong-su" inscribed in black ink. Some scholars have contested that Dong-su is the name of the person buried in Anak Tomb No. 3, while others believe that it is the final resting place for King Gogugwon of Koguryo.