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Southern Wall of the Main Chamber
TitleSouthern Wall of the Main Chamber
Southern wall of the main chamber
Southern wall of the main chamber (Illustration)

This is the mural on the southern wall of the main chamber in Tokhung-ri Tomb. The murals in the main chamber include scenes of private life associated with the Youzhou Provincial Governor Jin and the First Lady, mounted archery in the western yard, Seven-Treasure Ceremony (a type of Buddhist ceremony), lotus pond, and depictions of the estate that display the couple's wealth. The centerpiece in the main chamber is the mural on the northern wall that depicts the noble couple sitting under a pavilion. The ceiling of the main chamber conveys a sense of luxury through the unique double joist depiction decorated with flame patterns. The main chamber ceiling is in stark contrast to the vibrant and mystical depictions of celestial objects, immortals, auspicious animals, and patterns of the antechamber.
The two-tier mural on the southern wall of the main chamber consists of a lotus pond depicted to the left of the threshold and a horse stable and barn to the right.
The ceiling features depictions of architectural elements and flame-pattern decorations. Elegant depictions of trusses and connecting nodes can be seen between the large and medium-sized joists on the ceiling, and they represent the framework of the roof structure. Depictions of the noble couple's daily lives under the magnificence of the double-joist architecture can be considered as a reflection of their extravagant lifestyles.