• Koguryo and Balhae
  • Anak Tomb No. 3
Eastern Wall of the Gallery
TitleEastern Wall of the Gallery

A large-scale procession is depicted on the eastern and northern walls of the gallery in Anak Tomb No. 3. This procession features approximately 250 individual figures. The mural in the image is the procession depicted on the eastern wall of the gallery. The contents of the mural are mainly concentrated in the upper section of the wall.
The ox carriage for the nobleman appears toward the back of the procession. A ceremonial band is marching in front the nobleman's ox carriage with standard-bearers and maids trailing behind. Equestrian civil servants and a band can also be seen behind the ox carriage. Koguryo soldiers can be seen safely escorting the nobleman. This type of grand procession is indicative of the entombed nobleman's extremely high status.
This type of imagery is a reflection of the most prestigious period in the life of the deceased and is closely related to the ancient people's view of the afterlife at the time. This can be interpreted as the ancient people's strong belief that the spiritual world was a continuation of the real world. Hence, the tomb was decorated with scenes related to the real-world in hopes that the status and extravagant wealth of the deceased would continue into the afterlife.