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Learning about Dokdo(Reading Level Grade 3-4)

Before leaving for Dokdo, we will look up information on the island and find out what cautions we must take.

1. We have to check the weather of Dokdo before leaving (Korea Meteorological Administration http:www.kma.go.kr). 
2. We have to go through Uleungdo to get to Dokdo.
3. Dokdo is a volcanic rock island.
4. You are allowed to stay for only 30 minutes after landing in the Dongdo (East Island) Landing Dock as the island is a natural monument.
5. Dokdo is a habitat for a variety of migratory birds including the black-tailed gull.
6. Once you visit the island, you can apply for an honorary residence card on the Internet.
7. For more information on general guidelines for visiting Dokdo, visit the tourist information site (http://www.intodokdo.go.kr/Island). 
Cautions to take when visiting Dokdo

Let's make up a list of what to prepare for visiting Dokdo.


Find out the location of Dokdo on the Internet.

Type in Dokdo on the map search box.
Examine the location of Dokdo by zooming in and out of the island.
Observe carefully the island through various ways such as satellite images or other bird's-eye view pictures.
Use street view maps to look at actual images of Dokdo.

Now, let's get started on a trip to Dokdo? Pick one route to Dokdo and draw a line to the destination. Talk to your friend about how to get there.


Let's think about the relationship between Uleungdo and Dokdo after reading the following story:

Dokdo seen from Uleungdo
Dokdo is 87.4 km away from Uleungdo to the southeast and visible from Uleungdo with naked eyes on a sunny day.
This fact is important because
residents of Uleungdo have considered Dokdo as part of their living sphere for centuries as it can be seen in the intimacy of their homes.
Even now, all visitors to Dokdo must go through Uleungdo, which means that Uleungdo and Dokdo have an inseparable relationship.

Once you arrive at Dokdo, take as many pictures as you can. Let's find and affix pictures related to the following words and complete the whole shape of Dokdo. Use Appendix 1.


Learning about Dokdo by filling the box with a word from the list.

Dokdo is located on the eastern end of Korea and □ km away from Uleungdo.
Dokdo consists of two islands, one large island of □ and Seodo, with several rock islets.

Solve the following quizzes:

1. The island located at the eastern end of Korea is ( ).
2. Uleungdo and Dokdo are ( ) km away and close enough to be visible from Uleungdo on a sunny day.

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