• Koguryo and Balhae
  • Tokhung-ri Tomb
Mounted Archery
TitleMounted Archery
Mounted archery scene on the western wall of the main chamber

This is a detailed view of the mounted archery scene on the western wall of the main chamber in Tokhung-ri Tomb. The inscription on the right side of the scene reads "Western Yard Mounted Archery." Seven figures can be seen in the depiction. Four of these seven figures are participating in mounted archery, and the remaining three are judges.
Two of the participants are drawing their bows while riding their horses, and the other two seem to be either preparing to shoot or have just finished their turns. Of the five targets in the scene, two pine board targets have been knocked down to the ground. The leftmost military attaché has his torso turned back in preparation for a Parthian shot.
Koguryo soldiers honed their fighting abilities through mounted archery and group hunting activities. Hunting was a more effective method of training than mounted archery, however. Mounted archery was a training course for Joseon era military, and three of five targets needed to be hit to receive a passing grade.